Blood Culture is a bio-medical thriller series which explores 21st century anxieties of the harvesting of personal data, exploitation of Millennial interns and the pervasiveness of corporate control in our everyday lives.

The series was written and produced in 2017 for Resonance 104.4FM and with funding from the Wellcome Trust. It gained the following accolades for the team following its first release:

Gold Award for Best Drama Producer Audio Production Awards 2017

Bronze Award for Best Sound Designer Audio Production Awards 2017

Silver Award for Fiction British Podcast Awards 2018

Nominated for Best Audio Storytelling Radio Academy ARIAS 2017

Nominated for Best Podcast/Online BBC Audio Drama Awards 2018

It has been re-mixed and polished up for re-release by Realm in 2022.

The series was written and created several years before the formation of the actual tech corporation Meta. There is no suggestion on our part that there is any connection between our fictious company and the real-world company, it is purely a co-incidence.

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